The Conceptual Project

San Francisco based conceptual artist Philip Lawson launches new Weapons of Light Foundation to promote peace by empowering individuals to live virtuously. The Foundation’s principle and mission are based on Lawson’s conceptual art project of the same name.

The Weapons of Light Project began in 2012 when Philip Lawson created the initial resin sculptures using a mold of an AK47 assault rifle. His intent was to transform the AK47, achieving a kind of transubstantiation. Infusing the clear resin with vibrant colors and incorporating illuminating elements, he turned these sculptures into actual Weapons of Light, symbols of hope and virtue.

Weapons of Light reached far and wide, inspiring artists of different disciplines and allowing Philip to collaborate with them.

Notably, documentarian Lelia Namvar recognized the significance of these sculptures and the movement they represented, leading her to create a compelling documentary on the subject. This further amplified the visibility and impact of the project. 

Additionally, two remarkable individuals played crucial roles in expanding the project’s reach. Laetitia and Philip Amadeus Hahn, siblings and gifted pianists and composers were inspired by the documentary and decided to collaborate on compositions based on the Weapons of Light concept, creating a piano concerto, a fantasia, and a number of variations and reimaginings. 

Together, the Hahns infused their musical talents into the project, bringing it to life through their composition and performance. Their contribution added a new dimension to the interdisciplinary movement, demonstrating the power of collaboration across art forms.

Through the Weapons of Light Project, Philip, Laetitia and Philip, together with various symphonies and renowned conductors have continued to foster a collaborative movement that transcends traditional artistic boundaries. Artists, musicians, and individuals from various disciplines come together to support and empower those who strive to enact meaningful transformations in society. This collective effort showcases the potential of creativity and artistic expression as catalysts for positive change.