A Letter From the Founder

The driving force behind Weapons of Light was at first my reaction and commentary regarding radicalized violence. The exploration of virtue has over the years expanded into the importance of each individual working at their highest good, towards the relief of the poor and to relieve suffering….

Help Us Make a Difference!

WOL supports the Bethlehem House of Bread Orphanage and Old Persons’ home in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India. Monthly grants from the foundation allow Bethlehem to support the 39 people living at Bethlehem, the 70 elderly who live off site, and the 200 people in the surrounding town dependent on Bethlehem for food and water.

The Peace Prize

Weapons of Light illustrates that anything has the capacity to change—including the individual. The foundation aims to award yearly Peace Prize grants to individuals actively engaging these virtues in order to fight for good in their communities.

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