Philip Lawson – Founder, Conceptual Artist

Founder of the Weapons of Light Foundation Philip Lawson has identified himself as a conceptual artist from an early age. Originally hailing from Bristol, TN, Lawson is currently based in San Francisco, CA. His artistic approach can be described as eclectic, as he is constantly exploring different mediums in search of the most potent means of expression. Lawson’s work includes producing music videos, scoring films, painting, and sculpting. The opportunities that shaped his life have informed his art, such as documenting the Darién province of Panama for its 500th anniversary and working clinically as a licensed Art Therapist (Masters MFT), witnessing firsthand how art can transform lives. Additionally, Lawson is engaged in several major projects including the Weapons of Light, the creation of 3-dimensional assemblage paintings, aluminum collage works, and panoramic triptych sets.

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