Weapons of Light

I choose the AK47 because of its iconic status. It is the ubiquitous weapon, it is everywhere. It is the preferred weapon of many militaries, militias, insurgents and jihadist. So it is seen in every great modern conflict. And because it is ever present in these conflicts I have decided to transform this weapon from a greasy indiscriminant killing tool into a transparent, luminescent object representing something of noble value, A weapon based in reason and illustrating restraint under provocation. A virtue.


It is my belief that we should be feeding each other and not shooting each other. In many of the ideologies that divide us, that start wars, prolongs conflicts, fuels hatred and intolerance are based on the very belief systems that are originally given to us to teach peace, and mercy and generosity to our fellow humans. I believe many forget the common origins of the three great western faiths. These Weapons Of Light, the virtues they represent are reminders of how we should care for each other, to remind us that all conflicts can be solved peacefully.


So I say to you , Use your Weapons Of Light everyday, Defend the innocent, Feed the poor, Never lie.


Everything else will work out.


I promise.


Philip Lawson II, Author of Weapons of Light.

What are Weapons of light ? Weapons Of light are a conceptual series of work representing peaceful solutions to complicated conflicts. “Weapons of Light” Are cast from the AK47 SMG. They are cast 1/1 size in clear resin. Each Weapon is unique and tinted differently keeping its transparent qualities. Each Weapon of Light is named after a virtue. These are positive “weapons”.
Weapons of Light © 2015 Philip Lawson